We are covering all the italian territory.

GB Catalyst - Bandiera Italiana

Our collection service is exclusively carried out by our trained technical staff which is continuously updated about new market trends. We are developing a few satellite offices throughout Italy, establishing new warehouses as well as brand new collaborations with third party warehouses, in order to get a consolidated, quick and direct link to the multi-faceted territorial realities.

Our head office is based in the Emilia Romagna region, in Macerone di Cesena, it spans an indoor floor space of 3,000 sqm and a 5,000 sqm lot outdoors and it is equipped with cutting-edge tools and machines.

We are growing our business in Lombardy with the opening of a new warehouse in Castelnuovo Bocca d’Adda, in order to be able to frequently visit all suppliers of northern Italy.

We are operating in Sicily for several years on a permanent basis where we have consolidated our presence with an institutional cooperation in the Palermo area.

Furthermore we have started some successful partnerships in the Lazio and Campania regions, more precisely in Rome and Naples, which enable us to optimize the local collection of the material, to establish winning synergies and to organize a more efficient work.

Within the end of this year our next goal to be reached is developing new partnerships in Sardinia as well as in Puglia and replicating all the successes already achieved in Rome and Naples.

Our team

Technical manager

Elisa carlini
purchasing dept

michela giunchi
catalyst dept

elisa neri
accounting dept

nicola de marchi

riccardo maffucci
accounting dept

giada ricci
digital marketing dept

nicolai ipatii
product specialist

daniel wilkolazki
product specialist

pawel beben
product specialist

pierandrea granata
product specialist

sabatino della corte
product specialist

christian della corte
product specialist

yazid medjmedj
xfr analyst


giuseppe mautone